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Chance The Rapper Released 65th & Ingleside

Chance The Rapper Released 65th & Ingleside

Chance The Rapper - I Might Need Security

Here is “65th & Ingleside” from american rapper Chance The Rapper Unfortunately, Chance quickly debunked the rumors, saying “sorry no album this week, def been in the stu tho.” While fans were let down a bit by this news, Chance decided to make up for it today by surprising us with the release of FOUR new songs.

Serving as a prelude to his forthcoming 7-song project with Kanye West, which is getting worked on this month, the surprise release comes with a lone feature from fellow Chicago rapper Supa Bwe, who appears on the song “Wala Cam.” Meanwhile other records include “I Might Need Security,” “65th & Inglewood,” and “Work Out” to name the rest.

Chancelor Jonathan Bennett was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Ken Williams-Bennett, was an aide to former Chicago mayor Harold Washington and then-Senator Barack Obama. His mother, Lisa Bennett, is a secretary for the office of Illinois Attorney General. Bennett grew up in the middle-class neighborhood of West Chatham on Chicago’s South Side. When Bennett was sixteen, his father began to work in the Department of Labor during President Barack Obama’s first term. Bennett personally met President Obama in his youth and discussed his aspirations to be a rapper, to which Obama responded with “word”.

Bennett was originally going to move to Washington, D.C. following Obama’s win in the 2008 presidential election though those plans eventually fell through. Bennett attended Jones College Prep High School where he was a member of the Jewish Student Union. During his time in high school, Bennett did not get good grades and was suspended often.

Bennett’s interest in music began with Michael Jackson, who he exclusively listened to on cassettes until the fifth grade. Growing up, Bennett’s parents were constantly playing music, including Billie Holiday and Sam Cooke and other artists in the jazz and gospel genres. Bennett began listening to hip-hop after hearing “Through the Wire” by Kanye West on the radio whilst walking through Hyde Park, Chicago. After finding out the song was on West’s debut album The College Dropout, Bennett purchased the album, making it the first hip-hop album that Bennett listened to. Bennett considers West a huge influence on him and has said that he was inspired to begin rapping by West. Bennett and West met each other in August 2014 at Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Bennett began rapping in the sixth grade when his cousin let him start using his studio. In his freshman year at Jones College Prep High School, Bennett formed the hip-hop duo Instrumentality alongside a friend. Many of Chance’s earliest performances took place at the YOUmedia Lyricist Loft at Harold Washington Library in Chicago.

After placing second in a local songwriting contest, Bennett met then-Chicago Mayor, Richard M. Daley who enjoyed his music. Bennett spent most of his junior year and a small amount of his senior year writing a draft for his debut project, 10 Day,which was later released after Bennett was suspended for ten days after being caught smoking cannabis.

The songs are Available now on iTunes, fans can stream the 4-new songs in its entirety for free via his Soundcloud page. Hit play and let us know what you think! And if that’s not enough, look for Chance to be feature on DJ Khaled’s forthcoming single “Chemistry” with Justin Bieber & Quavo that’s dropping this Friday. Stay tuned for more.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Chance The Rapper – 65th & Ingleside

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